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We travel the mature forests of the Midwest and New England states collecting select wild mushrooms and other choice wild edibles.  In addition, we operate an organic mushroom farm where we carefully cultivate a wide variety of medicinal and gourmet mushroom species.  We provide an extensive selection of high quality medicinal mushroom extracts, medicinal mushrooms, and gourmet mushrooms to suit the needs of our customers.  All of our mushrooms are either wildcrafted or organically cultivated.  Our extracts are carefully cultivated and prepared by our staff from start to finish using the latest cultivation technology and our lengthy proprietary extraction method.  We are confident you will not find better mushroom products on the market today.  Whether you are looking for enhanced health from our extensive line of medicinal mushrooms and extracts, or looking for high quality organic fresh and dried gourmet mushrooms, experience the Willow Harvest Organics difference today.